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DSP Audio

Audio DSP SolutionsAudio DSP Solutions

Digital audio is only a phone call away!

There are many processor cores on the market, but very few have been designed for low power, Hi-Fi audio and noise reduction applications. Our processor cores are designed with either 24 or 32-bit architecture making them very suitable for processing audio.Audio DSP PC Board

The main benefits of our audio DSP solutions is high resolution professional grade audio and a single part count. Thats right! Our DSP architecture includes a full Codec, right on the chip. What this means is you get 24-bit audio without having to add external A/D or D/A converters. Whether you have a new design DSP block diagramor incorporating a DSP into an existing design, RadioLabs has a solution available for your company at a very low price. Our DSP PC board has a very small footprint making it suitable for portable audio and receiver applications. We can also make a custom module for your design that would incorporate your micro-controller and DSP in the same module. - Please contact us for information.

DSP algorithmsAlgorithms

Hi-Fi - We can program our DSP cores with most "off the shelf" DSP audio algorithms, including SRS Wow, Trubass, VIP and most algorithms programmed specifically for "Real-Time" audio enhancement. Please contact us with your request.

Digital Noise Reduction - With our proprietary dynamic noise reduction algorithms, we can take annoying hiss, hums, pops, whistles and most other natural and man-made noise out of your receiver's audio so your customers can experience the cleanest audio possible. We perform this task with the least amount of digital "artifacts" possible.

It's no secret that processing audio is a difficult task. We know because we do it every day. Please listen to our audio samples to see why so many companies contact Radiolabs for their total DSP solution.

DSP audio samples:

DSP HiFi Audio SamplesHi-Fi Audio samples - (Note: You must have a very good sound card and hi-fidelity speakers to listen to these samples with the full effect. Headphones are recommended)

Digital Noise Reduction SamplesNoise Reduction Samples

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