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I have a wireless router with 2 antennas on the back. Do I have to purchase 2 Wireless Range Extender amplifiers?
Many wireless routers have 2 antennas on the back. You simply have to replace 1 of the antennas with the amplifier and you can completely remove the other antenna from the back, leaving only the Wireless Range Extender amp. Common routers such as the Linksys WRT54G work best if you place the antenna on the left hand antenna (when viewing from the back). You may want to experiment with your router to find the strongest antenna port.

Is the WRE500MW amplifier legal?
The FCC allows you to put out a certain amount of power to comply with US laws. The WRE500mW puts out approximately 1/2 of the power you can legally run, so it is well within legal limits.

What kind of antenna connector is on top of the WRE500MW?
The antenna connector at the top of the range extender amplifier is an RP-SMA Female type connector.

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