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Desktop Wireless Antenna 5 dB

Desktop Wireless LAN Antenna

This is a very useful WiFi Antenna since it can be used in a home or office environment. It can be mounted on the wall or desk in an indoor setting to increase the range of your wireless system.

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Desktop Wireless Antenna

The Desktop Wireless Antenna is a high performance wireless antenna and mount system designed specifically for indoor wireless applications. With the high gain antenna and the ability to mount the antenna in a more favorable location, the user should expect up to 50% more range from their existing wireless equipment.

This antenna is especially useful for those computers equipped with PCI wireless cards because it allows the user to move the antenna up and away from the back of the PC. The design is flexible and allows mounting to a metal surface such as a file cabinet or metal cabinet. With its non-skid weighted rubber base, it is extremely stable on a desktop or any other surface. The Desktop Wireless LAN Antenna also comes complete with a wall mount kit which allows for mounting to a wall or ceiling for added flexibility. The unit comes with a 5’ low loss integrated cable and a wide variety of connector options.

This WiFi antenna comes with 5 ft of cable and the following connector options:

  • RP-SMA
  • RP-TNC
  • MC-Card
  • MMCX

If you need an extension cable or Pigtail to connect this antenna with your WiFi device, please see our WiFi cables and connectors

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Model #
Desktop Wireless Antenna
Frequency Range
2400 - 2500 MHz
Antenna Gain
5.5 dBi
System Gain (After Cable/Connector Loss)
4.5 dBi
50 Ohm
Max Input Power
Cable Length
5 feet (1.5 M)
Connector Options
Operating Temperature 0 to 60 Deg C
Antenna Size
7.75 x 0.5D inches (197 x 12.7D mm)
Mount Size 2 x 1.6 inches (51 x 41 mm)
7.2 oz ( 204 g)
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