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Desktop Wireless Antenna

Desktop Directional Wireless LAN Antenna

The directional desktop antenna is easily maneuvered so you can point it directly at your access point or hotspot. It also folds up for use as a portable antenna.

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Directional Desktop Wireless Antenna


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Directional Desktop Wireless Antenna

Extends the range of wireless access points and wireless clients. The antennas can be used to increase the range of the equipment or to increase the signal level thereby increasing the link speed.

The Wireless Desktop Directional antennas sit on the desktop and connect to the existing external antenna port of your wireless equipment through a 1.5M long cable. The gain of the antenna is specified at the connector so cable losses are already taken into account.

The directional desktop antenna transmits a beam that has a wide 80 deg horizontal and 60 deg vertical beamwidth for increased coverage area. It may be tilted to concentrate the signal in a given direction. The antenna can be mounted for a horizontally polarized signal or vertically polarized signal. It has a weighted base and rubber feet for increased stability on the desktop or it can be mounted to walls or ceilings by using a single attach screw.

The antenna folds flat for easy transport in a laptop case. This is an excellent antenna for accessing wireless newtorks when travelling.

By mounting in a window, the antenna can be used as customer premises equipment for wireless communications to external wireless networks when a window location is available.

Please Note: 802.11b/g are bidirectional technologies. To effectively increase range in these systems, the user needs to increase the antenna gain on both sides of the wireless link.

These are 6dBi gain antennas. Because of differences in design of various wireless equipment, individual results may vary.

This WiFi antenna comes with 5 ft of cable and the following connector options:

  • RP-SMA
  • RP-TNC
  • MC-Card
  • MMCX

If you need an extension cable or Pigtail to connect this antenna with your WiFi device, please see our WiFi cables and connectors

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Model #
Desktop Wireless Antenna
Frequency Range
2400 - 2485 MHz
Antenna Gain
6 dBi
Horizontal Beamwidth
Vertical Beamwidth
Connector Options
Input Return Loss (S11)
-14 dB
50 Ohm
Input Power 10 W
Operating Temperature -10 to 60 Deg C
Antenna Size
3 x 5 Inches (76 x 127 MM)
Cable Length 59 Inches (1.5 M)
4 oz ( 141 g)
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