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Marine Antenna Mount

Ratchet Style Marine Antenna Mount
This easy to use antenna mount is the perfect accessory for any of RadioLabs' marine wifi antennas. Simple, inexpensive and designed for use in adverse marine environments, this mount can be used with any antenna with the standard 1 inch 14-thread base.

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WiFi Antenna Mount
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WiFi Antenna Threaded Mount

This inexpensive, easy-to-use, marine mount is a simple solution for attaching your WaveRv Marine - Long Range Wifi Antenna or Captifi USB Wifi Antenna to any vertical or horizontal surface. The standard 1-inch 14 thread base will attach to almost any marine antenna and allow optimal placement and alignment.

Two axis' of movement provide a range of configurations and easy installation into almost any situation. Use with the included mounting bolts for easy attachment to any drillable surface or combine with u-bolts for rail or ladder attachment.

Heavy duty white nylon construction and stainless steel hardware ensure long-term usage and solid performance.

Package contents with included hardware 

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Professional Grade 15dB Omni WiFi Antenna

This high gain vertical 2.4 GHz antenna can act as the central point to your WiFi, WLAN or 802.11 application. The Radiolabs 2.4 Omni antenna has an incredible 15 dB of gain. This is a professional grade antenna that we typically sell to Wireless ISPs and installers, but it can certainly be used to boost up the wireless network in your home or office.   More...

  • Attractive Styling
  • Sturdy Nylon Construction
  • Full 180 Degree Rotation
  • 1.5” Heavy Duty Steel Tube for Greater Strength
  • Multiple Mounting Solutions
  • 2 adjustable axes for easy placement
  • Supports 50Lbs. load on both axes
  • Colors available : White
  • Base accepts standard U-Bolts for pole mounting.
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