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Outdoor Shortwave Antenna

The Outdoor Shortwave Antenna offers exceptional features and performance! The Sloper shortwave antenna offers full coverage on shortwave and AM.

Product Details

Heavy Duty Outdoor Shortwave Antenna

60 ft Shortwave Antenna

40 ft Shortwave Antenna
his 40 ft antenna is a shorter version of the 60 ft antenna. The performance is excellent on both antennas, but the 40 ft antenna is physically shorter.

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We also offer coax extension cables

Installation Instructions:

  1. Unroll the sloper wire elements, removing any kinks that may have been induced during the packing and shipping operations. You will find one wire element 60’ long with two "ISO-RES" inuctors, one 16’ stub wire, and one 30’ "Down-Lead".
  2. For tower leg or mast mounting, the aluminum mounting bracket will have to be drilled to accept a U-Bolt (user supplied) to fit your particular tower leg or installation method, it should be noted that if your tower is of the "sectional" type (such as Rohn) then the bracket may be fitted to one of the sectional bolts by simply removing the nut and and placing the bracket hole over the bolt and reinstalling the nut! In this case, no other hole need be drilled as one hole already exists on the mounting end of the sloper bracket. For other installations simply attach a rope through this bracket hole, with the other end of the rope attaced to your mounting point.
  3. Installation heights ranging from 20 to 40 feet all seem to work very well. However, the antenna seems to exhibit best overall performance at a mounting height of around 25 feet since this takes advantage of a ground capacitance broadband loading effect.
  4. Arrange the sloper so that it will not be in close proximity to any guy wires, metal gutters, siding or other wire antennas. (Min of 10ft. if possible)
  5. Attach your coaxial feedline to the Amphenol SO-239 connector on the sloper mounting bracket, we highly recommend the use of good quality coaxial cable such as RG-58. However any good 50 Ohm cable will suffice! It would be wise to apply some "COAX-SEAL" of other equal weather proofing agent to the feedline coaxial connection, and element solder connection.
  6. Tying of the lower (tip0 end of the sloper should be done so as to allow a gentle slope angle between the antenna and the support structure. We suggest that the end of the sloper be mounted such that is it 8 to 9 feed above ground. This is done as a routine safety measure! Pleas note that a heavy duty polycarbonate insulator and special low-stretch nylon rope has been provided for use of the sloper end.
  7. The ISO-RES coil have been coated at the factory with two coats of a special polyurethane with UV light protectant. They should not be coated with any other material. After having your antenna properly resonant, you misth wish to wrap a small piece of "COAX-SEAL" around the bare copper wire ends at the bolt connection on each of the ISO-RES coils. All hardware used is of 18-8 Stainless Steel, and requires no further protection.
  8. This completes the installaion of your new ALPHA DELTA MULTI-BAND SLOPER ANTENNA

Heavy Duty Outdoor Shortwave Antenna

The Outdoor Shortwave Antenna is a very unique and very effective adaptation of existing antenna theory. It operates as quarter wave sloper which means the wires are a quarter wave long, or multiples of a quarter wave on each frequency band. Compared to half wave dipole, the other quarter wave, which is necessary for performance and the proper feed point impedance, is made up of the "Down-Lead" wire which is attached.

With a quarter wave sloper, the center conductor of the coax is attached to the wires and the shield of the coax is attached to the down lead. A standard SO-239 UHF connector is provided on the Outdoor Shortwave Antenna for this purpose. Excellent performance is attained with installation heights of only 20 to 40 feet.

By design, the quarter wave sloper is known to be an excellent DX and long haul antenna. The current lobe, which defines the major radiation characteristics of the antenna, is up high at the feed point and is not subject to attenuation from buildings, trees, etc. as a vertical antenna whose current lobe is at ground level. During testing, side by side comparisons between the Outdoor Shortwave Antenna and a 32ft commercial vertical with 18 radials show the DX-SWL to be as much as 10 dB stronger into Europe and Africa.

Since a sloper has an optimized low angle radiation pattern for peak DX performance, it will greatly outperform a dipole mounted at the same height, for those really distant weak signal DX stations. The difference can be phenomenal.

The Outdoor Shortwave Antenna is fully assembled, uses stainless steel hardware and UV protected coils and components and No. 12 wire. It is designed to survive severe weather environments. Insulators and support rope are included.

The overall length of the slope wire is only 60 feet long. A single 50 ohm feed point (for PL259) at the apex of the antenna is provided for maximum DX reception. (User supplies their own 50 ohm coaxial lead-in). The DX-SWL is fully assembled for easy installation. It requires no adjustments or "trimming". This American made antenna has stainless steel hardware for long life and utilizes low-Q RF choke-resonators for efficient multi-band frequency selection. For quality of construction, ease of erection and maximum performance, we think the Alpha-Delta DX-SWL is a great value. It is our most popular shortwave antenna.

Multi-Band Performance covering:

  • Medium Wave AM (.5-1.6 MHz)
  • 120 Meters (2.3-2.5 MHz)
  • 90 Meters (3.2-3.5 MHz)
  • 60 Meters (4.75-5.0 MHz)
  • 49 Meters (5.95-6.2 MHz)
  • 41 Meters (7.1-7.3 MHz)
  • 31 Meters (9.5-9.9 MHz)
  • 25 Meters (11.65-12.05 MHz)
  • 21 Meters (13.6-13.8 MHz)
  • 19 Meters (15.1-15.6 MHz)
  • 16 Meters (17.55-17.9 MHz)
  • 13 Meters (21.45-21.85 MHz)
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