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Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna

Mobile Mag-Mount
- Cell Antenna -

Our sturdy

magnetic-mount cellular antenna

packs a lot of punch for a low-profile antenna. Boosting signal by 6 dB, it firmly attaches to any flat metal surface and is precision engineered to greatly increase cellular voice and data reception. The boost from this durable little antenna is remarkable for a unit its size!

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  • Compatible with all cellular/3G amplifiers and boosters.
  • Heavy-duty magnetic base attaches firmly but will not scratch your car/boat/RV.
  • Ten foot cable allows for flexibility in amplifier/booster installation.
  • Dual band.
  • Covers PCS and CDMA cell phones for any cell phone in the USA.
  • Can attach directly to any cell phone having an SMA-Female adapter.
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RadioLabs Product Spotlight
More Information
Magnetic Mount Cellular Antenna

If you live in a rural area or just don't get great cell reception, dropped phone calls and lack of 3G data connections can be very frustrating. The first step in solving this problem is getting a high-power cellular amplifier or booster like our Mobile Cell Amplifier. Next, pair that amp with high-gain donor and service antennas to pick up and re-broadcast that signal. If you're looking for a portable solution, our magnetic cell antenna is a great choice. Sturdy, powerful, and easy to install, this antenna is a great addition to any mobile repeater system. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, check out our Mobile Cell Repeater Kit. If you're supplementing an existing system, our Window Mount Cell Antenna pairs well with this antenna to get those calls through.

Model # 3GWHIP6
6 db Mobile Antenna
Physical Specifications
Connector Type SMA-Male
Dimensions 11 in. x 1 in. x 1 in.
Weight 0.25 lbs.
Package Contents
  1. 6 dB magnetic-mount antenna
Item # 3GWHIP6
Price: $29.95
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