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Cellular/3G Booster

- Cellular / Data Amplifier -

RadioLabs' new high-power

mobile cell amplifier

is a rugged, compact unit perfect for cars, boats, or anything that gets you where you need to go. With an amazing 33 dB of gain, this amp, when paired with high gain antennas, is the most convenient way to get better phone reception and a solid data connection when you are on the go.
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  • Works with all Cell phones (except Nextel), dual band 800/900 MHz, PCS, 1800/1900 MHz CDMA.
  • Boosts cell signals for better voice reception and data connection by repeating the signal.
  • Rugged outdoor aluminum housing.
  • Easy installation for mobile or marine
  • Improves call quality.
  • Powered via 12VDC cigarette lighter adapter
  • Receive/repeat antennas not included.
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RadioLabs Product Spotlight
More Information
Mobile 3G/Cellular Amplifier - Booster

If you live or frequently travel through areas with spotty cell coverage, you've experienced that dreaded 'dropped call'. Being in these cellular black holes can be a stressful experience. Breaking down without cell reception can leave you stranded indefinitely or at the whim of whomever decides to stop, if anyone stops at all.

RadioLabs to the rescue. We've introduced a high-power cellular booster with a price that can put one in every car, boat, or RV you own. These compact units, paired with high-gain receive and repeat antennas, can bring non-existant cell signals up to a useable level. Conveniently powered by your cigarette lighter, our boosters can be installed in an out of the way location and are completely quiet.

We suggest pairing this amplifier with our 6 dB magnetic cell antenna and a 2.5 dB repeater antenna, but they are compatible with any antenna designed for cellular frequencies. If you're looking for an all-in-one solution, check out our Mobile Cell Repeater Kit.

Model # 3GCARAMP
Mobile Cell Amplifier / Booster
Electrical Specifications
Power Supply 12V DC / 2A
Power Consumption < 5w
Physical Specifications
LED Indicator On/Off
Connector Type SMA-Female
Dimensions 5.25 in. x 3 in. x 1 in.
Weight 1.00 lbs.
Package Contents
  1. 33 dB Mobile Cell Booster
  2. 12v DC adapter
Price: $279.95
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