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Electric Space Heater

Space Heater
The Rotating Heater fan is an incredible deal for a safe high-quality oscillating heater. It has many features and a great design.

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Rotating Heater Fan
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Fan Heater

This is a high quality heater at an amazing price. We wish we found this heater before buying a more expensive model at a discount chain.

The oscillation and reflector provides widespread heat that really spreads the warmth. The Rotating Heater Fan is very safe since it has protection against overheating and tipping. This Rotating Heater Fan even has a built in Ionizer.

  • Power: 850W -1000W selectable
  • Built-in Ionizer unit
  • 90 degree left-right oscillation
  • 0-45 degree up-down tilt
  • 120 minute timer and continuous mode
  • Light and stable design
  • Size: 40.7 CM X 31.2 CM X 518 CM
    (16 1/2" X 12 2/4" X 20")
  • Weight: 7.5 Pounds

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