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Consumer Radio Repair
RadioLabs - Northern California Repair Center -
At our Northern California repair facility, our technicians can repair almost any type of consumer electronic receiver or transceiver that you have purchased. Our goal is bringing your radio back to life. We also offer receiver alignment and tuning of all types of receivers or transceivers. We have a modern repair facility with many technicians available to repair almost any radio on the market. We specialize in shortwave receiver repair, ham radio repair and most types of RF specialty equipment. The common types or receivers we repair are listed below:
If you have a radio which you would like to send in to us for repair, please fill out the
Receiver Brand
Radio Repair
More Info
Sangean Repair
Sangean Radio Repair - If you have a defective Sangean SW or AM/FM portable receiver,
click here to learn more
. (All makes and models including ATS-909, 818 +CS, 808, 505, etc)
Sony Repair
Sony Radio Repair - RadioLabs can repair all makes and models of Sony radios. We specialize in The ICF-2010, PRO-80, SW-55, SW-77 and more. Click here to learn more.
Kenwood Repair

Kenwood Radio Repair - We can repair most makes and models of Kenwood receivers and transceivers. If you have a defective Kenwood, please click here for details.

Grundig Radio Repair
Grundig Radio Repair - RadioLabs can repair new or older models of Grundig radios. If you are having problems with your Grundig, we are here to help you. Click here for details.
Panasonic Radio Repair
Panasonic Radio Repair - RadioLabs can modify numerous makes and models of Panasonic receivers. We specialize in models where no replacement parts are available. We can custom modify most radios to operate properly without the need for original parts. Click here to find out more.
Icom Repair
Icom Radio Repair - Icom receivers and transceivers are one of the best, high-end radio products made. If you have an Icom that you would like to send in for repair, click here.
AOR Repair
AOR Radio Repair - We repair all makes and models of AOR receivers. AOR makes excellent wide-band receiver products. We repair all models including base station and handheld AOR scanning receivers.
Click here to find out more.
Yupiteru Repair
Yupiteru Repair - Yupiteru makes excellent receivers for the consumer electronics market. In the unlikely event that your's has stopped functioning correctly, we can repair it. Contact us with your model and problems for a quote.
Lowe Radio Repair
Lowe Radio Repair - It's unfortunate that Lowe has stopped manufacturing receivers for the consumer market. Lowe is one of the highest quality receivers that has been designed. They are definately worth repairing. Click here for repair information.
Ten Tec repair
Ten Tec Radio Repair - If you have a defective Ten Tec radio, RadioLabs can help. We repair most transceivers and receivers on the market and can repair most makes and models of radios. Contact us with your problem and we can get you a quote.
Uniden Scanner Repair
Uniden Scanner Repair - RadioLabs can repair most makes and models of Uniden scanners. If you would like to send your defective scanner in for repair, please contact us with the make, problem and model of your scanner.
Repair TERMS - Radio repair times may vary. Radiolabs always tries to expedite their radio repairs. Currently, radio repair time is running 25 - 30 days. However, it is not uncommon for a difficult repair to run 60 days or longer if uncommon parts are required or if more time is needed. We will always contact you if the repair time will run this long. If the cost of your radio repair is over the listed amount on the repair page we will call you with a repair estimate. During holidays, your radio repair may require extra time to comlete. Sorry, we do not work on tube radios. If you have any questions before sending your radio in for repair, please contact us for more details. Thank you
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